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Having been born into artistic Russian family, designing and creating beautiful and unique objects of art comes naturally to Olga.
In the early 2000's, she spent her time living on a country farm, raising peacocks and exotic pheasants. Annually, all the birds naturally molt their feathers after the breeding season, to make room for the new array of plumage to grace their mates for the upcoming year. Olga, loath to throw the feathers away, kept saving them until she accumulated quite a collection. Gradually, she started incorporating various feathers into clothing and small objects, eventually progressing into designing larger and more complex feathered projects. With commissions, Olga works close with the client on the style, design, types of feathers that will be used and the type of object that will be created. She is developing a variety of feathered creations, ranging from full clothing to various fashionable accessories. One of her fashion creations appeared at the Opening Gala event at the San Diego Museum of Natural History. The "Diva" Broadtail Cape was worn at the Grammy's Red Carpet event. A collaboration between Olga and her father, Nicolai Medvedev, a renowned Master of Intarsia, came to fruition with the "Renaissance" Fan. It was donated by Mona Lee Nesseth to FIDM Museum in Los Angeles, California to their permanent collection. In 2014, OlgaMDesigns participated in Phoenix Fashion Week, collaborating with very talented and amazing emerging designers by providing them with her couture feather accessories. The collaborations were with: Charmosa Swimwear, Atiz Fashion House, Blackberry Maverick and Adoire by Saba.

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